A Pharaoh's Candle Soy Wax Candle

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Pharaoh means "Great House" and burning this candle in your home, will make it a great house indeed! The scent is woody with a little musk; it has hints of jasmine, sandalwood, leather, and a smidge of patchouli. Evoking those who ruled kingdoms and held ultimate power, feel like the ruler of your domain with this strong, masculine aroma drifting through your rooms. 

The candles are lovingly poured into frosted glass holders that come with a removable wooden lid with seal. All of our candles burn clean and are made from natural, organic materials including soy wax and a hemp wick. Our candles are approx. 14 ounces and will burn for 70 - 80 hours when cared for properly.

Color: White Frosted