"Tranquil Suds"

Revitalize Your Skin Naturally: Discover Our Earthly 7 piece Turmeric Facial Moisturizer Skincare Set.

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"Tranquil Suds"

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"Tranquil Suds"

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"Tranquil Suds"

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Welcome to our Earthy Essentials collection! Dive into a world of natural beauty and sustainable living with our carefully curated selection. From organic skincare to eco-friendly home goods, each item in this collection is thoughtfully chosen to elevate your lifestyle while honoring the planet. Explore the essence of nature and discover your new favorites today.

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Our Product Values


Organic Ingredients

All of our formulations contain ingredients that are sourced as organic without the use of chemical pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

  • Cruelty Free

While we're sure the ingredients in our formulations wouldn't hurt, we would rather test our products on ourselves than our animals.



As a woman-owned and run company, we have scoured the earth for the best ingredients to curate a proprietary skincare regimen that will make you look and feel your best!

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"Tranquil Suds"

Honey Suckle Jasmine

The Honeysuckle Jasmine soy candle and wax melts offer a delicate yet invigorating fragrance, inspired by a sun-kissed garden in full bloom. Lemon adds a bright and zesty top note, awakening the senses with its citrusy freshness. Ginger provides a subtle hint of spice, adding depth and warmth to the bouquet. Jasmine and honeysuckle intertwine gracefully, filling the air with their sweet, floral aroma, reminiscent of a summer breeze. Wood notes add a grounding element, evoking the lush greenery of the garden. Together, these scents create a harmonious blend that captures the essence of a serene floral sanctuary.

Using Earthy Essentials by Tranquil Suds has been a game-changer for me. The natural ingredients not only leave my skin feeling rejuvenated but also align with my commitment to sustainability. From the refreshing scents to the nourishing formulas, it's become a staple in my daily routine. Highly recommend for anyone looking to indulge in eco-friendly skincare

Emily Smith

Transitioning to Earthy Essentials by Tranquil Suds has been a refreshing experience. The natural ingredients have transformed my skincare routine, leaving my skin feeling revitalized and balanced. I appreciate the brand's commitment to sustainability, making it a conscious choice for both my skin and the planet. 10/10 would recommend

Alex Johnson

"Tranquil Suds" Candles

Indulge your senses with our premium soy candles, meticulously crafted to elevate any ambiance. Made from natural soy wax, these candles offer a clean and long-lasting burn, while emitting captivating fragrances that soothe the soul. Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Shop now and experience the warmth and tranquility of our soy candles

Pharaoh's Soy Candle

The Pharaoh’s candle offers a captivating scent journey, blending the earthy essence of cedarwood and pine with rich musk undertones, creating a deep, woodsy ambiance.

Pharaoh's Soy Candle

It contains Jasmine which infuses a touch of floral elegance, while sandalwood adds a creamy, soothing note. Patchouli rounds out the fragrance with its warm, spicy aroma, evoking a sense of mystery and allure.


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