Pier 39 Cool Mint

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Indulge in a luxurious and rejuvenating cleansing experience with Jenns Master Batch Rose Clay Scrub bar Pier 39  Cool Mint.

Crafted with the finest rose clay and kaolin clay, this scrub deeply purifies and exfoliates the skin while leaving it silky smooth.

Infused with sodium lactate, it nourishes and locks in moisture, revealing a radiant and glowing complexion.

The refreshing scent of grapefruit and mint invigorates your senses, making your skincare routine a spa-like treat.

Perfect for all skin types, this scrub is gentle yet effective, making it a must-have in your beauty arsenal.


- Deeply Purifies and Exfoliates
- Nourishes and Locks in Moisture
- Refreshing Grapefruit and Mint Scent
- Suitable for All Skin Types
- Enjoy Spa-like Results.